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Paper Submission

The organizers offer three publication possibilities. The authors have to select one of the following options when uploading their papers based on whether they wish their paper to be considered for publication in one of the journals mentioned below.

1.)The paper published only in the proceedings of the conference (page limit: 4-9 pages)
2.) he paper is published in the proceedings of the conference, and its extended version is sent to one of the journals for possible publication (page limit: 4-6 pages)
The paper is directly sent to one of the selected journals, and it is not published in the proceedings (only an abstract in the book of abstracts)

The authors must select among the above options when uploading their paper.

Journals: Automation in Construction, Frontiers of Engineering Management, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture, Organization Technology and Management in Construction and International Journal of Construction Management.

The final decision about which papers are selected for a possible publication in one of the journals and which journal specifically will be made based on the reviewers' comments and recommendations. Papers selected for secondary publication need to be extended by, at least, 30% and have to comply with the format requirements of the given journal. These will then go through the journal’s rigorous peer review process. If they get accepted, they will get new DOIs.


Important notes!

When the paper is submitted, modified or deleted, the corresponding author automatically receives an acknowledgement of receipt, modification or cancellation (by email).Correspondence regarding the papers such as confirmation of submission, notification of acceptance or rejection and instructions for presentation is only sent to the corresponding author. It is their responsibility to forward the information to all co-authors. The presenting author is required to register for the Conference and pay the registration fee as a condition of presenting the paper.

Any error in spelling, grammar or scientific fact is the authors' responsibility. The papers will be published as submitted by the authors. The submitted papers can be seen, modified or deleted anytime when the online paper submission is open.

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